Since its establishment, the Board of Directors of the Company has planned the central goal set for the Company to provide printing solutions and produce labels for industrial machinery and equipment and now for Vietnam’s supporting industries.

Core values

With the slogan “International solutions for your labels”, we are always aware of the benefits of our customers from innovative solutions that will bring the best value to your company. In order to join hands with customers and bring consumers the best products, MINH MAN will always strive to perfect, improve and innovate in production to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the market. Moreover, it is also for the company to become a supplier of products and services in the global supply chain.

About Minh Man

Minh Man always learns directly about high-end printing technology from the world’s leading manufacturers, always updating new materials directly from manufacturers to optimize costs. Currently, MINH MAN is the most prestigious supplier for major partners with leading high-tech products in the world such as: SAMSUNG, SHARP, MITSUBISHI, LG, UNILEVER….